Gornergrat Exhibition: Matterhorn Ladies

A pop-up exhibition called ‘Matterhorn Ladies’ will take place on the Gornergrat from 29 June to 27 October, telling the stories of 14 pioneering Matterhorn women.

Six years after the first ascent, 34-year old Lucy Walker was the first woman to reach the summit of the Matterhorn. In doing so, she had to battle against her parents and the disadvantages faced by women in her time.

Lucy’s story is told by the pop-up Gornergrat exhibition and the Zermatt Open Air Theatre as part of 2019’s focus on women. However, Lucy Walker is not the only interesting woman connected to the Matterhorn.

14 Matterhorn pioneers
The ‘Matterhorn Ladies’ pop-up exhibition tells the story of fourteen Matterhorn pioneers from Switzerland, Italy, England, Belgium, France, the US and Japan. The exhibition is a collaboration between the Swiss Alpine Museum in Bern, the Gornergrat Bahn and the Zermatt community. It will take place between 29 June and 27 October in the Shelter on the Gornergrat.