Gorge Adventure—Dynamic Fixed-Rope Route


This tour is a definite must for every visitor to Zermatt. The Gorner gorge, situated between Furi (1,865m) and Zermatt (1,620m), is one of nature’s unique wonders, boasting spectacular rock formations such as glacial mills and water-polished rocks. The adventure starts with a cable car ride up to Furi, from where a five-minute hike will take us to the entrance of the gorge. The downward traverse of the gorge is about 1 km long and takes approximately three to four hours to complete. The highlights of the traverse are three abseil stations, three zip lines, one pendulum swing and several simple suspension bridges. You will be secured throughout the entire tour and reach its end (close to the ‘Blatten’ mountain restaurant) without getting your feet wet.

Bookable 72 hours in advance
Group: Minimum number of participants: 4 persons